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Anne Lee

Fantasy Author


Welcome to Hylla

My name is Anne, and it is my pleasure to bring you into the world of the Era of Ruin and Reunion Series. You've traveled a long way, and there's so much to learn and experience now that you're here.


Hylla has been torn asunder by Infected, so please do stick close to me for your safety as we journey through the mortal kingdoms and beyond. You've arrived at an exciting time in Hylla's history: a thousand year rift between the mortal and immortal kingdoms is about to be healed to stop this threat...if all goes well.


Join me to experience the world of Hylla and watch the adventures of heroic captains, faerie princesses, crafty sorcerers, and enigmatic elves. We will closely follow the travels and trials of two wayward faeries with strange upbringings: the fae warrior Nevada and the fae princess Liana, as they navigate relations with mortals, elves, sorcerers, and a darkness that threatens the sanctity of their whole world.


Hylla will unfold to you in the form of chapter installments of the series, character backgrounds, worldbuilding, extra scenes, side stories, character art, maps, chances to ask the character's questions, name story elements or characters, and more.


I am so glad you're here, Hyllans. What adventures we're going to have!

Meet the Tiers

To read the weekly installments of the Era of Ruin and Reunion Series, join me over on Patreon and choose which tier fits you best! As more content is created, and if there's interest, I plan on introducing more tiers. For now, I have three amazing tiers for you, each one named after one of my cats.

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